Carling Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml (Set of 2)


We’re willing to bet that if you were saving the day with James Bond, 007 himself would be drinking Carling in a CE22oz glass!
Carling’s Easy Carry Glass is all about versatility. This pint glass can hold up to 612mL of your favorite tipple (that’s 20 ounces!), yet it only weighs 150g so it won’t tire and arm out when you raise a toast or two.

And because there are no sharp edges, this Pint Glass will stay strong for years and doesn’t require any special care. The CE stamp on these glasses tells you they meet strict European health requirements as well!

Last call in the man cave? We thought not!

Carling Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml (Set of 2) Key Features

Key Features

  • CARLING BRAND, PREMIUM & DURABLE - Carling is a well-known brand that provides quality products. These glasses are CE stamped and made of durable material.
  • CARLING EASY CARRY GLASSES - The nucleated bottom helps to retain head and enhances the overall drinking experience.
Carling Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml (Set of 2) Product Specs

Product Specs

Dimensions‎21.5 x 16 x 7.9 cm
Capacity‎2 Count (Pack of 1)
Weight0.87 Kilograms