Bottle Optics for Spirits


Not a bartender? Not to worry! With Bottle Optics, dispense a perfect measure every time. Use the two-by-two units when you need more for that big party celebration (or man cave opening party!).

Investing in one of these shot measures is the perfect low-cost investment for your home bar or man cave’s décor. The bottle optics are made from commercial-grade material, held securely by a side clamp and top mount.

These will make pouring perfect shots a breeze- with no more guessing on how much liquid should be measured! When guests come over, they’ll go crazy for this custom bar accessory!

Want to invest even further? Combine two units together (next to each other) to hold even more bottles than just one unit would allow you to!

Bottle Optics for Spirits Key Features

Key Features

  • PERFECT MEASURE - The perfect pour every time! No more overpouring or spillage.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Securely holds 70cl or 1litre bottles upside down for easy dispense!
  • SECURE - Holds your bottle securely in place, so you can enjoy a drink without worrying about it falling out of the holder.
Bottle Optics for Spirits Product Specs

Product Specs

Brand‎MillyAnne London
Dimensions53.34 x 32.26 x 10.67 cm
Weight1.36 kg