Philips HD Perfect Draft beer dispenser


With the Philips Perfect Draft beer dispenser, you can now begin to enjoy a pint of cool, fresh draught beer at home in your man cave or home bar.

You can see when your beer reaches the recommended drinking temperature of 3°C thanks to the temperature indicator. You can see how much beer is left in the keg by looking at the volume level indicator. How long your beer will stay fresh is shown by the beer freshness indicator.
Every new keg ensures a clean environment and high-quality beer by replacing all elements that come into contact with the beverage. The Philips tap unit just has to be cleaned on the surface.

With a selection of medallions to place on the handle, you may customise the appliance to your preferred beer brand. The web shop will provide fresh medallions.

Philips HD Perfect Draft beer dispenser Key Features

Key Features

  • Fresh, cool draught beer in your home bar
  • Temperature, volume, and freshness indicators on an LCD panel installation that is hygienic, tube given with each new keg
  • Dishwasher-safe removable drip tray sturdy construction, good insulation
  • Easy to change your kegs because it opens at the front
Philips HD Perfect Draft beer dispenser Product Specs

Product Specs

Weight8160 g
Product dimensions incl handle and drip tray (W x H x D)261 x 444 x 494 mm
Cooling timeAt room temperature (23°C) Between 12-15 hour(s)
Max. operating temperature32 °C
Beer Keg Volume6 L
Weight empty1200 g
Weight full7200 g
Colour(s)Black with chrome and real metal accents
Voltage200–240 V
Flow rate2 l/min
Frequency50/60 Hz
Max. power70 W
Max. operating pressure1.5 Bar