Total Foosball Eternal Football Table with LED Lighting

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The Total Foosball Eternal Football Table is here, the perfect complement to any Man Cave Geek’s arsenal! With its finely made design, this full-size football table is sure to provide a great deal of enjoyment to your gaming room—both for casual and competitive play.

The Total Foosball Eternal Football Table is made to look great in any setting and has a sleek black finish with eye-catching LED colour-changing lights on the playing field. The vivid lights improve the whole game experience in addition to adding a dramatic visual appeal.

This football table is made to last through rough and tumble play thanks to its strong MDF cabinet and well-built legs. Players may demonstrate their talents with accuracy thanks to the responsive and dependable gameplay offered by the high-resistance 16mm telescopic rods.

The Total Foosball Eternal Football Table prioritises safety above all else because of its unique telescoping rods, which remove the possibility of intruding on the other side. Its additional layer of protection makes it the perfect option for families with kids.

The stylized human figures that stand in for the players are fastened firmly to the bars so that they never move from their positions. In addition to adding to the table's visual attractiveness, the team colours of black and grey provide your gaming setting a unique touch.

With the Total Foosball Eternal Football Table, you can upgrade your man cave and have infinite fun where usefulness and style combine.

Total Foosball Eternal Football Table with LED Lighting Key Features

Key Features

  • Full-Size 5ft Football Table Featuring Colour-Changing LED Lights
  • The Eternal is a full-sized 5ft football table - perfect for those intense football tournaments with friends & family
  • This football table is available in a Black finish
  • This football table's players are Grey and Black.
  • FREE Delivery (Worth £65)
  • 12-month Warranty
  • FREE Accessory Pack with 4 balls and Tube Lube included for improved play!
  • Package Dimensions: 164cm x 81cm x 25cm
Total Foosball Eternal Football Table with LED Lighting Product Specs

Product Specs

Vibrant LEDs:This table's playing-field is illuminated by bright, remote-controlled colour-changing LED lights (mains powered)
Stylish Finish:Available in an all Black finish
Playing Surface:Durable MDF playing surface
Raised Corners:To eliminate dead-spots in corners and keep the game rolling
Rods & Handles:16mm Telescopic rods with plastic handles
Accessories:Pack of 4 cork balls & performance-enhancing Tube Lube (Telescopic rod lubricant to keep everything moving smoothly!)