Best Home Dart Boards

Best Home Dart Boards

The best home dart boards for 2024 are:

  • Best dart board overall – Mission Double Top Home Darts Centre – Click Here
  • Best dart board for man caves – Smarts Interactive Dartboard – Click Here
  • Best dart board design – Unicorn Darts Smartboard – Click Here
  • Best value for money – Jack Daniel’s Home Darts Centre – Click Here
  • Best dart board for clubs & bars – Augmented Reality Darts – Click Here


Do you need the perfect dartboard setup in your mancave so you, or your kids could be the next Luke Littler? Look no further.

In this guide, we explore 5 top-notch dart boards suitable for both casual and competitive play, highlighting the unique features that set each one apart.

Our emphasis is on factors like space efficiency, cost-effectiveness, design aesthetics, and overall bang for your buck. Throughout the discussion, we also touch on smaller details that contribute to the overall dart board experience.

Additionally, we provide a comprehensive breakdown of essential considerations when purchasing your dart board, guiding you through key areas to ensure you make an informed and satisfactory choice.

Our Top Picks

1. Jack Daniel’s Home Darts Centre

Jack Daniel’s Home Darts Centre

This dart board set is a statement of strength and style, not just a piece of furniture, thanks to its reinforced corners and superb hinges.

  • Best for: Design
  • Best for: Overall Price
  • Best for: Build Quality

First up in the top 5 dart boards is the Jack Daniels Home Dart Set, a game-changer for your home bar or game area in your man cave. This darts set is made to elevate your at-home entertainment set up, whether you’re a whisky connoisseur or just like a game of darts with the lads.

It’s a classic addition to your man cave and is the expertly made Jack Daniels oak dartboard cabinet. The pièce de résistance, the Jack Daniels Tri Wire Sisal Dartboard, is revealed when you open it and it is sweet. This dartboard gives every throw a realistic and finished feel, eliminating the need for staples and adding to the excitement of your home game set up.

The excitement doesn’t end there, though, as we’ve thoughtfully put together this bundle to provide an authentic darts experience. The two sets of brass darts with flights and shafts will suit your needs whether you’re a novice trying to hit the bullseye or an experienced player honing your precision. With two Jack Daniels dry-wipe markers and a cloth for score updates, the integrated dry-wipe scoreboards on the cabinet doors let you keep score.

Making sure that every player is positioned precisely for the perfect shot, The Jack Daniels throw line is the last touch. Darts is a social activity that unites people of all skill levels and is more than just a game. Discover Home Leisure Direct’s selection of officially licenced Jack Daniel’s Darts products, which includes mats, scoreboards, dartboards, and more. Each item is made from high-quality materials to give your gaming area a great finish.

With the Home Dart Centre, you can bring the spirit of Jack Daniels into your home and it’s great if you’ve got other JD products in the man cave to complete the set. Don’t pass up this chance to make your man cave the ideal place for treasured memories and healthy competition. Get yours right away and start having fun!

Recommended retailer

Home Leisure Direct £73.97 Buy now

2. Mission Double Top Home Darts Centre

Mission Double Top Home Darts Centre

Precision is essential when choosing the ideal playing surface for your dart games, and the Blade 5 has proven itself in the ever growing world of darts.

    The Mission Double Top Home Darts Centre is a statement rather than merely a game. This elegant and robust setup is made for dart enthusiasts and will turn your Man Cave into a darting paradise. The exquisite construction quality of the dartboard, cabinet, and accessories immediately drew our attention. They all exuded strength and elegance.

    Even for those who aren’t quite do-it-yourself gurus, setting up the Mission Double Top Home Darts Centre was a snap. Everything you need for a smooth installation is included in the package, and the detailed instructions guarantee that you’ll be throwing bullseyes in no time at all. The dartboard itself is a sisal of tournament calibre, giving each game a true and polished feel.

    Let’s now discuss accuracy. Superior steel-tip darts with pinpoint accuracy are available at the Mission Double Top Home Darts Centre. You will value the expertly designed darts in this set, whatever of your skill level.

    The attention to detail in this darts centre is what makes it unique. The cabinet gives your Man Cave a sophisticated touch while shielding your wall from any stray bullets. Furthermore, it’s simple to keep track of who is winning the game thanks to the integrated scoreboards.

    To sum up, the Mission Double Top Home Darts Centre is a wonderful addition to any Man Cave. It guarantees that your dart evenings are consistently on point by fusing style, functionality, and performance into one stylish package.

    Recommended retailer

    Home Leisure Direct £62.95 Buy now

    3. Unicorn Darts Smartboard

    Unicorn Darts Smartboard

    It's more than simply a dart board; it's a board that skillfully combines cutting-edge technology and modern features.

      We’re entering the realm of accuracy and performance with the Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2, a dart board that has been causing quite a stir among home darters. If you’re a dart fan looking for the ideal combination of technology and design, this could be the next big upgrade you need.

      This dart board, at the forefront of the professional dart scene, has won over dart fans hearts with its amazing design and unmatched performance. The Eclipse is unique because of its dedication to offering a faultless playing surface. Every throw counts thanks to efficient scoring area optimisation provided by thin wire and a staple-free bullseye. Because of its seamless sisal fibre architecture, which adds to its overall endurance, it is a great option for both casual and competitive players due to its strong construction.

      This board is so well-liked that it’s not just for pubs and living rooms; it’s even earned a coveted place in professional contests in pubs and home bars. It stands out for its capacity to provide a genuine experience that closely resembles the intensity of professional play, which makes it the go-to option for individuals who want to compete at the greatest level.

      The Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2 caters to both novice players hoping to improve their skills and seasoned players seeking precision and interaction. It’s a tool for improving your darting skills and making every throw accurate and entertaining, not just a dart board. Because your man cave deserves nothing less, fellow geeks, think of the Pro 2 as your dependable companion in the quest for darting perfection!

      Recommended retailer

      Home Leisure Direct £184 Buy now

      4. Smarts Interactive Darts

      Smarts Interactive Darts

      Want your own Flight Club Darts setup? The Smarts Dartboard, much like the one found at Flight Club, boasts a variety of interactive game modes and a cutting-edge real-time feedback system as its standout features.

        Next up is the Smarts Interactive Dartboard, a gadget that’s set to revolutionise the way you play darts. Prepare yourself for a review that reveals the cutting-edge features and futuristic charm that this amazing addition to your man cave delivers!

        More than simply a dartboard, much like the setup you see from venues like Flight Club – the Smarts Interactive Dartboard is a technological marvel that skillfully combines interactive aspects with conventional gameplay to produce an unmatched gaming experience. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you step up to the oche: vibrant graphics, sensitive sensors, and an intuitive user interface that elevates your dart games to a whole new level.

        This dartboard is suitable for players of all ability levels, whether you’re a lone player honing your techniques or organising an exciting dart competition. Your man cave becomes a hub of fun for everyone when you include the interactive features, which will really set you apart from your mates.

        The player profiles that are customised and the statistics tracking feature take the Smarts Interactive Dartboard to a whole new level. Your performance is carefully monitored so you can see your skill development, set objectives, and engage in self-competition. It’s like having a virtual partner that helps you become a better darter.

        The Smarts Interactive Dartboard’s sleek design easily blends in with the aesthetics of your man cave, and installation is a breeze. You can play games online with friends thanks to built-in connectivity options, which promotes friendly rivalry and a sense of community even when you’re not in the same room.

        It’s a futuristic game that turns your man cave into your own flight club – it’s more than a man cave gaming accessory. With this incredible game, you can embrace the future of interactive gaming, improve your darts skills, and turn every throw into an epic game as if you were at flight club. Don’t pass up this opportunity to add the Smarts Interactive Dartboard to have the best man cave around!

        Recommended retailer

        Home Leisure Direct £2430 Buy now

        5. Augmented Reality Darts

        Augmented Reality Darts

        The instantaneous feedback and scoring mechanism is one of its most notable aspects.

          Finally the revolutionary Augmented Reality Interactive Darts is the high end option for businesses, we’re entering into the world of cutting-edge entertainment. Prepare to see how businesses like flight club take the art of throwing darts to a whole new level! This dart board set is the future of entertainment with the ground-breaking addition of Augmented Reality Interactive Darts to your pub or bar.

          So, what precisely are Interactive Darts with Augmented Reality? It’s a brilliant fusion of the marvels of augmented reality technology with classic dart games. What was the outcome? An astoundingly engaging experience that will hook you from the first throw for your customers.

          Imagine putting on AR glasses that take you to a virtual game arena, setting up your dartboard, and entering your Man Cave, pub or bar. Your physical board becomes an interactive battlefield for skill and accuracy when the digital interface is superimposed over it. It’s as amazing as it sounds – think of it as playing darts in a science fiction film.

          The same Unicorn Smartboard is used by the Augmented Reality Darts system to determine where the dart landed, but it is presented in white so that all of the gaming images may be projected onto it using a projector. With the game of darts, this innovation brings up a whole new world of engaging gameplay that nobody has ever experienced before.

          With the AR system, you can stop gazing at tiny numbers and debating pointless throws because it tracks every throw with extreme precision. It gives the games a competitive edge, turning every round into an exciting contest of skill and cunning.

          But the experience is more important than the game itself. Playing darts in a high-stakes tournament feels like you’re a pro because of the captivating graphics and effects. What’s the best thing, then? Every game you play will be an original journey since you have complete control over your virtual environment, including the backdrop and theme.

          We evaluated and approved this futuristic marvel in our Man Cave Geek review, and we wholeheartedly recommend it for any pub or bar owner. It’s more than just a game; it’s a declaration and an example of how man cave entertainment is always changing.

          Recommended retailer

          Home Leisure Direct £6168 Buy now

          Questions to ask yourself when buying a home dart board – What should you be thinking about?

          What’s Your Skill Level?

          Consider your skill level in dart playing. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player? Different dartboards cater to various skill levels, and understanding your proficiency will help you select the appropriate board.

          Electronic or Traditional?

          Decide whether you prefer an electronic dartboard with features like automatic scoring and interactive games or a traditional sisal fiber dartboard for a more classic feel. Electronic boards often come with additional functionalities but may have a different aesthetic.
          Budget Considerations:

          Determine your budget for a dartboard. Prices can vary significantly depending on the type, brand, and features. Establishing a budget beforehand will help narrow down your options.

          Board Material:

          Consider the material of the dartboard. Sisal fiber boards are popular for their self-healing properties and durability. Ensure that the board’s surface can withstand regular use without deteriorating quickly.

          Wiring and Bullseye Design:

          Examine the wiring on the dartboard. Opt for a board with thin wiring to minimize bounce-outs, and check if the bullseye is staple-free for a larger scoring area. This ensures a higher-quality gaming experience.

          Brand Reputation:

          Research and consider the reputation of the brand. Established brands often provide higher quality and more durable dartboards. Reading reviews from other enthusiasts can also give you insights into the product’s performance.

          Mounting and Installation:

          Determine how and where you plan to mount the dartboard. Some boards come with easy-to-install mounting systems, while others may require more effort. Ensure your man cave has adequate space for the dartboard and adheres to safety guidelines.

          Accessories and Extras:

          Check if the dartboard comes with accessories like darts, a scoreboard, or mounting hardware. Some packages may offer a complete setup, saving you the hassle of purchasing additional items separately.

          Indoor Environment:

          Assess the environment where you’ll place the dartboard. Ensure the area has proper lighting and ventilation. Avoid areas with excessive moisture, as it can affect the durability of the dartboard.

          Warranty and Customer Support:

          Look into the warranty and customer support provided by the manufacturer. A good warranty ensures that you’re covered in case of any defects or issues with the dartboard.

          By addressing these questions, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision and select the perfect home dartboard that aligns with your preferences and enhances your man cave gaming experience.

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