The 5 Best Pool Tables For Your Home Games Room

The 5 Best Pool Tables For Your Home Games Room

The best home pool tables for 2024 are:

  • Best pool table overall – Signature Dean Pool Table – Click Here
  • Best pool table for man caves – Signature Stewart Folding Leg Pool Table – Click Here
  • Best pool table design  – Ekilibrium Pool Table – Click Here
  • Best value for money  – Signature Hayworth 4 in 1 Pool, Dining, Air Hockey and Table Tennis Table – Click Here
  • Best pool table for serious players – Etrusco Contemporaneo Pool Table – Click Here


Looking for a pool table for your home games room or man cave? Well, you’re in the right place!

In this guide we take a look at 5 of the best pool tables for English and American pool, and also what makes each pool table great.

We focus on aspects such as space saving capabilities, price, style and overall value for money, along with other smaller aspects along the way.

We’ve also included a breakdown of what you need to know about buying your first pool table, and the core areas to look out for so that you make the right choice.

Our Top Picks

1. Signature Dean Pool Table

Signature Dean Pool Table

A perfectly sized pool table that is sturdy, stylish and fits right in any home for some seriously heated pool tournaments!

  • Best for: Overall Price
  • Best for: Build Quality
  • Best for: Durability

Straight away this is quite simply our top choice for price, choice, style and sturdiness.

The Signature Dean Pool Table is available in 6ft and 7ft options, with a sleek black finish and tournament blue cloth colours at no extra cost.

With an MDF bed the table is both capable of serious home tournaments with your friends and doesn’t weigh an absolute fortune, so if you need to shift it around the room to align with your feng shui (or simply just move it from one side of the room to the other) then  you have that option.

You can also expect a standard ball return, leg levellers to make the table true-to-surface with no playability issues and chrome corners, it’s a seriously well-built American pool table that doesn’t cost the earth.

Recommended retailer

Home Leisure Direct £459 Buy now

2. Signature Hayworth 4 in 1 Pool, Dining, Air Hockey & Table Tennis Table

Signature Hayworth 4 in 1 Pool, Dining, Air Hockey & Table Tennis Table

Okay, so this is cool! And, when you consider the savings by purchasing three quality games tables in one, this really is value for money.

  • Build Quality Based On Price
  • Ease of Setup
  • Options For Games

Where do we even start with the Signature Hayworth 4 in 1 Pool, Dining, Air Hockey and Table Tennis Table? Well, for one, it’s not just a pool table, but the actual pool table you do get is enough to write home about.

Coming in 6ft and 7ft options, the pool table aspect of the Hayworth boasts an MDF bed, complete accessories set, rotating cabinet for ease in switching games, and an incredibly sturdy construct so that you’re not getting a tilting table or aspects of the other games bleeding into the one you’re playing. And, that can often be a worry with some of the lesser tables out there.

So, when it comes to value for money and also for space-saving if you did intend on buying multiple tables, you can’t really be going wrong with the Signature Hayworth 4 in 1. Anyone for a night of pool, air hockey, table tennis and a takeaway, all on the same table?

Recommended retailer

Home Leisure Direct £749 Buy now

3. Ekilibrium Pool Table

Ekilibrium Pool Table

Part pool table, part art installation... we don't know whether to frame this table or play on it!

  • Design
  • Style
  • Unique Look & Build

I mean… just look at this pool table, how could anyone possible say no to this design?

Admittedly it’s not the cheapest table out there, but it’s certainly one of the best looking. If modern accessories for modern interiors are your thing, then the Ekilibrium will fit right at home in what no doubt is a luxurious and up-to-date gaming room in your stylish abode!

Available in 7fr, 8ft and 9ft versions, the Ekilibrium is easily the most contemporary and stylish pool table you’re likely to find in 2024.

With a metal subframe and solid slate bed this is seriously built to last, and the free accessory pack that you get with your order (worth over £250) really is the icing on the cake.

It’s not exactly a light table (at a 410kg minimum weight), but then again it is of a premium build and the type of table that serves as a centrepiece in any room in the home.

Forget wall art and statues… The Ekilibrium is the future!

Recommended retailer

Home Leisure Direct £7,495.00 Buy now

4. Signature Stewart Folding Leg Pool Table

Signature Stewart Folding Leg Pool Table

The ideal compact folding table for anyone a little stuck for room (but, let's face it, you're not going to NOT have a pool table in your man cave, right!?).

  • Best for: Sizing (with restricted room)
  • Best for: Portability
  • Best for: Space

There’s no excuse for a lack of heated tournaments in your games room with a folding pool table, no matter the size!

The Signature Stewart Folding Leg Pool Table is a incredible pool table that is ideal for anyone who is up against it in terms of available games room or man cave space to work with.

It comes in 6ft and 7ft options, along with an accessory pack so that you can simply fold-down the table and get to playing.

Speaking of playing, the folding legs make both putting the table away and getting it out back out again incredibly easy, and when it’s not in use (which is unlikely to happen much!), it can simply be folded and stored away for when you need it again.

You also get a pool ball holder & drop pockets, leg levellers, chrome corners and feet and an overall sturdy construct for ease of folding (and the ability to withstand folding up and down as required).

Recommended retailer

Home Leisure Direct £499 Buy now

5. Etrusco Contemporaneo Pool Table

Etrusco Contemporaneo Pool Table

A pro table for pool enthusiasts looking to put some serious hours in at their games room or man cave

  • Serious Players
  • Those Looking To Invest In A Pro Table
  • Looking To Better Their Pool Playing

The Etrusco Contemporaneo Pool Table truly is one for the pros.

Scaling up to a whopping 12ft, this is the type of table that requires a heft investment, for players looking to put a serious amount of time into bettering their shots and perfecting their breaks.

Crafted with a solid wood construct, the Etrusco Contemporaneo is sturdy, built to last and ready to take however many hours of daily play you’re willing to throw at it.

You can purchase various sizes based on the type of pool you want to play, and also the type of practice you’re looking to put in… either way, the choice really is yours when it comes to this type of table, and you can pick and choose to what you feel is best for your style of play.

Scale down to 7ft or extend to 12ft, the choice is yours!

Recommended retailer

Home Leisure Direct £11,997 Buy now

What to look for when buying a home pool table

It can be hard to know what to actually look for when you’re buying a home pool table as, let’s face it, there are so many options to choose from and so many factors to consider. So, let’s look at the main things you need to be aware of.


Pool tables, when good, are often not cheap. And, it’s for the better. Cheap tables are certainly available from online stores, but if you want to get one that’s going to last or is going to fit your requirements, then it’s worth spending that little bit more for either a brand or with a store you trust.


Pool tables can be surprisingly stylish, as you can see in the recommended tables we’ve provided in this guide. So, think about the colour scheme of the table and its size in relation to your room… does it actually fit the overall vibe and style of your games room or man cave?


If you’re stuck for space then maybe opt for a 6ft table or one that is folding, just so that you’re not having to get rid of it or will be navigating around it once it’s in your home!

Build Quality

Build quality and a solid construct is crucial for a pool table. You don’t want to be leaning over the table only for it to collapse underneath you… Look for brands and listings online that actually tell you what makes a quality construct and how the table aligns with it. Essentially, look for transparent sellers where quality is a clear priority.


So, there are our 5 favourite pool tables for home and man cave use, and also a bit of a beginners insight into the areas you need to be aware of when buying your first pool table.

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What's the average cost of a pool table?

For quality pool tables you can expect to spend anywhere from £400 right up to £10,000+. It all depends on the size, the brand, and the construct of the table itself.

How much space do I need for a pool table?

Typically you'll find that pool tables start at 6ft, with most averaging between 6ft-8ft. So, to ensure you have enough room to manoeuvre based on the standard size, ideally you want a good 8ft space for the table with 4ft-6ft around all sides so that you're not going to struggle with making a shot.

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