Unicorn Darts Smartboard

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The Unicorn Smartboard system, a modern marvel that blends tradition and cutting-edge technology, welcomes you to the next level of dartboards. The days of laborious manual scoring are over, and you can now enjoy the convenience and accuracy.

The Unicorn Smartboard raises the bar for dartboard technology by accurately identifying the precise locations where your darts land and sending the information right away over Bluetooth to your tablet or smartphone. Imagine the excitement of a flawless game experience, where your real-time target for the next throw, your score, and your position among other players are all at your fingertips.

The unrestrained independence of the Unicorn Smartboard is what makes it unique. No more worrying about a mains connection—just insert three AAA batteries, and you’re good to go. You may turn any area into your own dart haven because to its portability. Your reliable buddy, always prepared for action, is the Unicorn Smartboard, whether you’re using it in the living room, mancave, or outside.

With the help of the cutting-edge ScoreBuddy app, we’ve elevated the classic game of darts to a whole new level. Now, you can play a variety of entertaining games with your friends and don’t need to be an expert player or math pro to have a good time. You may play a variety of fantastic games with the Unicorn Smartboard and ScoreBuddy app, and all of the scoring will be done for you automatically.

Are you prepared for even more thrills?

Are you prepared for even more thrills?

There is more to the Smartboard experience, use the ScoreBuddy app to explore the realm of dart mastery. It is your best ally in your pursuit of darting dominance. Unleash the power of slick visuals that show who's throwing, who comes up next, the score as of right now, and the tactical objectives for every throw. The app is more than simply a scorekeeper; it's a tactical ally that will expertly direct you through the game.

With the ScoreBuddy app, you can challenge your friends and family to one of seven thrilling games. Step it up a level and compete against the artificially intelligent ScoreBuddy Robot, which is there to put your talents to the test. It's more than just hitting the target; it's also about outwitting your rivals and relishing the rush of triumph.

Have you ever wondered how the magic happens on the Unicorn Smartboard? The secret to determining the precise location and time of a dart's landing is to identify electromagnetic spikes. Darts with any steel tip can be used, but they require a small amount of magnetism to be detected. Your darts will become magnetised and ready to shoot in only three seconds if you insert the tips into a discrete hole on the front of the board that holds a magnet.

With the Unicorn Smartboard, you can take your mancave to a whole new level and enjoy the ultimate dart gaming experience—a place where innovation and tradition collide. It's a revolution in gaming, not simply a game. Accept the future of dartboarding and make your hangout area a thrilling place to compete. The greatest is what your mancave deserves—the Unicorn Smartboard. Prepare to rewrite the history of your darting!

Unicorn Darts Smartboard Key Features

Key Features

  • Seven Exciting Games (01, Count Up, Shanghai, Cricket, Halve It, Around The World & Killer)
  • 1 x Smartboard
  • 6 x Steel Darts
  • 1x Oche Mate Measuring Tape
Unicorn Darts Smartboard Product Specs

Product Specs

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