Space Invaders Arcade Machine

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Space Invaders is a Man Cave classic from back in the day, and you can relive your childhood with this classic Space Invaders Arcade Machine. From all of the retro games on the market, Space Invaders is up there as one of the best, and this arcade machine has all the classic artwork with the iconic yellow logo and the Tomohiro Nishikado games developer logo.

The joystick is accompanied by the shoot button plus the Player 1 / Player 2 red buttons plus you have the classic 8 bit screen. You will get addicted to the gameplay from this first player shooter all over again and trying to get high scores will become your mission.

The game features fast-paced shooting, aliens firing back, and destructible buildings. In the initial stage, enemies fly horizontally in formation, demanding quick reactions. The second stage introduces enemies who shoot directly and dump bombs, while the third stage contains enemies flying diagonally and firing several shots at the same time.

Can you stop the alien invasion?

A timeless Arcade Gaming Classic

A timeless Arcade Gaming Classic

According to the gaming community, Space Invaders was the first game in the history of shoot-em-ups to feature a fixed shooter. It is considered a classic because of its ageless and addictive arcade gameplay, in which players wield a laser to shoot descending aliens. The goal is to complete each level and advance through the game's three levels of difficulty. Players have a total of three lives, and the game includes obstacles like buildings for shelter and varying point values for alien rows. The first two rows are larger and worth ten points each, the middle two are worth twenty points, and the top row is worth thirty points, for a total of 990 points per screen.

If you are a masive Space Invaders fan, you can upgrade the arcade experience with Space Invaders Frenzy, which is a modern take on the original game with two seats, mounted guns, and a gigantic 118" screen for solo or multiplayer play. Standing at 305cm tall, this machine reimagines Space Invaders for a new generation.

Space Invaders was designed by Toshiro Nishikado. Nishikado's creativity is reflected in his creation of a custom microprocessor from discrete logic chips without the assistance of a hardware designer, which he accomplished in November 1974. Taito released the game in 1978, and it was an immediate success. Its journey began on May 15, 1978, in Japan, where is success led to a coin shortage and resulted in an increase in production of the 100-yen coin. It eventually spread to Europe and the United States, where it became even more popular and a cultural phenomenon. In America, fans were so hooked that they would take days off work to play Space Invaders at local arcades, cementing its place in the hearts of gamers.

Space Invaders Arcade Machine Key Features

Key Features

  • Original licensed arcade PCB board installed
  • Choose between a 19" or 28" LCD Screen
  • Plug-in and play
  • Fully customisable coin mechanism/contactless payment
  • Ultra-reliable modern internal components
  • Hand-built in the UK
  • Classic full-size upright cabinet
  • Full tech support available
Space Invaders Arcade Machine Product Specs

Product Specs

Dimensions (HWD)165 x 56 x 64cm
Manufacturer recommended age13 years and up
Assembly RequiredYes

Useful Information

What is space invaders?

Space Invaders is a timeless favourite for any Man Cave enthusiast, illustrating nostalgia for a bygone era of gaming. Among the many retro games available, Space Invaders stands out as one of the greatest. Adorned with classic artwork featuring the iconic yellow logo and the characteristic Tomohiro Nishikado games creator logo, it becomes a true dedication to the roots of arcade gaming.