Smeg Black Espresso Machine


Grab a quick coffee with the touch of a button, or create all your favourite coffees to savour at your own pace. This sleek and stylish machine makes it easy to brew the perfect cup of espresso – whether you can’t wait for delicious coffee in an instant or want to linger over that caffeinated delight while you stand back and admire your man cave. The Smeg black espresso machine will give you total control, accuracy and variety so you get just what you crave with every sip.

Forget about trying to figure out which button does what and waste hours of time staring at a screen; this espresso machine has all the information you need right at your fingertips.

With four different drink options, including one cup, two cups, or steam option with enough levers for every part of the process, you can set all that craftsmanship aside and let this brilliant appliance do all the work for you.

Easy-to-read lights will inform you when water levels are low or if decaling is necessary – while heating up quickly in about three minutes and being easy on your wallet!

Smeg Black Espresso Machine Key Features

Key Features

  • MEASURE YOUR OWN COFFEE - With the flow stop function, you can customise the coffee length to make your perfect cup of espresso. The measurer and 15 bar professional pressers offer complete control of your espresso making, adding accuracy to the brewing process for great tasting results.
  • THERMOBLOCK HEATING SYSTEM - Rapidly heats up the machine to get you a drink of espresso in a matter of minutes. Choose from three different options – one cup, two cups or steam option – all available at the touch of a button!
  • DESCALING LIGHT AND WATER LEVEL INDICATOR - Keeps you on top of the machine’s maintenance so it performs at its best.
Smeg Black Espresso Machine Product Specs

Product Specs

Capacity1 litres
Power1350 W
Drip TrayYes
Power Cord Length1m