Smarts Interactive Darts

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It is the ultimate addition to your man cave or bar setup, you can step into the future of dart games and have your own flight club darts set up! Both darts and us have changed over time. Embrace boundless enjoyment and bid farewell to intricate scoring with our dynamic darts system. You don’t have to be an expert dart player or a maths whiz—Smarts Darts handles the scoring so you can concentrate on the fun.

With Augmented Reality Darts, we’ve upped the ante and given you a completely immersive experience. This is the state-of-the-art hardware, similar to the setups in venues such as Flight Club Manchester exept that the Flight Club use cameras to track where the darts land. So become the life of the party when you play darts and make everyone else in the group jealous and upgrade your darts skills by obtaining your Smarts Darts system right away!

It is worth noting that Bullseye and Augmented Reality Darts is currently only available for commercial premises.

This is due to its unique finance model which enables premises to license the system for a low upfront cost and pay per hour of system use, instead of employing a larger, more restrictive upfront cost. This license includes a software license, game use and servicing. 

Try out the Smartboard for dartboard technology of the future!

Try out the Smartboard for dartboard technology of the future!

This cutting-edge board accurately detects dart landings with sophisticated sensors, updating scores instantaneously and displays dynamic graphics on the adjacent TV and touchscreen interface. The TV, which is positioned above the dartboard, provides important game information, and the control centre is the touchscreen, which is positioned conveniently close to the throw line. The main screen of the user-friendly interface walks players through the full gameplay experience in addition to providing the fundamental game rules.

The Smartboard provides an immersive and dynamic dart-playing experience by displaying scores, players that are about to throw, and the best targets for each throw in addition to identifying the current thrower. This unmatched method will revolutionise your dart games by fusing tradition and technology in a seamless manner.

Smarts Interactive Darts Key Features

Key Features

  • Big Screen TV - choose between 32” and 43” sizes
  • Unicorn Commercial Smartboard
  • Touchscreen User Interface
  • Unicorn Darts - 3 sets
  • SuperTrue Flights
  • Cabling
  • Instructions for assembly