Signature Burton Pool Dining & Table Tennis Top

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Presenting the Burton, a superb American pool table that will enhance your leisure area by skillfully fusing style and use. This multipurpose item, which is expertly crafted and meticulously detailed, is not only a fantastic pool table but also easily converts into a table tennis surface, giving you double the pleasure in a single, compact design. The Burton guarantees a sturdy and solid gaming experience with its sturdy Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) bed, offering hours of fun for players of all skill levels.

The main advantage of the Burton is its multifunctional design, which gives you the use of a table tennis table and a pool table in the compact space of one piece of furniture. This invention is revolutionary because it gives you a chic dining table that you can easily convert into a gathering place for two exciting sports. The Burton can provide entertainment for any kind of occasion, including game nights, dinner parties, and casual competition.

The clever tabletop-swapping system of the Burton makes switching between dining, table tennis, and pool a breeze. You can easily change your dining area to fit your mood and style, turning it into a table tennis battlefield or a paradise for pool enthusiasts in a matter of seconds. Anyone can easily enjoy these activities without the need for specialised tools or difficult setup procedures thanks to the easy design.

The Burton is offered in two elegant finishes, Light Oak with a Grey cloth and Grey Oak with a Tournament Blue cloth, to match any style in your house. With this well-considered choice, you can easily incorporate the table into your living area, turning it from a simple gaming accessory into a chic centre point. The selection of Spots & Stripes balls as the standard set elevates the genuine gaming experience and gives your leisure pursuits a refined touch.

The warm tones of Light Oak or the sleek, modern style of Grey Oak are both excellent choices for flooring, and the Burton design will make your room look better. In addition to being a useful piece, the well selected colour schemes and high-quality materials make it a visually striking addition to your house.

Invest in the Burton, where style and entertainment converge, and turn your area into a central location for a variety of eating and gaming options. Enjoy more leisure time with a piece that offers you the best of both worlds in a single amazing table by skillfully fusing form and function.

Signature Burton Pool Dining & Table Tennis Top Key Features

Key Features

  • 2 Great Table Games & Dining Top
  • Pool and Table Tennis in One Table
  • Stylish Design
  • Responsive Table Tennis Top for Table Tennis
  • Huge Accessories Set
Signature Burton Pool Dining & Table Tennis Top Product Specs

Product Specs

Length: (6ft/7ft)183cm / 213cm
Width: (6ft/7ft)103cm / 121cm
Height: (6ft/7ft)81cm / 81cm
Cabinet to Floor: (6ft/7ft)64cm / 64cm
Pool Playfield Size: (6ft/7ft)156cm x 78cm / 187cm x 94cm
Pool Playfield Thickness: (6ft/7ft)15mm / 18mm
Table Tennis Top Thickness: (6ft/7ft)13mm / 13mm
Weight: (6ft/7ft)119kg / 158kg