Rock-Ola Harley-Davidson Flames Jukebox

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Experience nostalgic music with this Rock-Ola Harley-Davidson Flames Jukebox in Brushed Aluminium. An unparalleled tribute to the legendary motorcycle brand with contemporary officially licensed design. This highly sought-after jukebox blends the classic charm of record or CD players with the latest technological advancements. It features a sophisticated touchscreen interface, digital music storage, and a powerful 1600 watt Peavey amplifier for unmatched sound clarity.

The “American Legend” Harley-Davidson Flames Music Centre is fundamentally made to be as convenient and customisable as possible. You can easily curate your playlist by dragging and dropping tracks and albums at will thanks to its user-friendly touchscreen interface. This jukebox gives you total musical control, whether you want to set the tone for the day or quickly switch up the music to fit your mood.

With a terabyte of storage (roughly the same as 13,000 CDs) the possibilities are virtually endless. A vast music library that is at your fingertips, contained in an eye-catching cabinet that turns any area into a fascinating centre point.

Enjoy free delivery and installation services, worth £200 to guarantee a smooth setup procedure. You can also be confident that you’re getting this masterpiece for the lowest price, which makes this an incredible chance to enhance your musical experience and infuse your surrounds with a dash of legendary style.

A brief history of Rock-Ola Jukeboxes

A brief history of Rock-Ola Jukeboxes

The history of Rock-Ola begins in Chicago, Illinois, in 1927, when David Cullen Rockola founded the Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation. At the height of the jukebox craze in the 1930s, the company changed its focus from producing coin-operated scales and gambling machines to making highly sought-after jukeboxes.

Rock-Ola had come to be known for quality and creativity by the 1940s and 1950s in the jukebox business. The brand's dedication to innovative design and technology produced well-known models like the "Magic Glo" series and the well-known "Empress" jukebox (which embrace technological developments in sound systems and aesthetics while encapsulating musical nostalgia).

Over the years that followed Rock-Ola persisted in refining its jukebox designs, adding contemporary elements like digital interfaces while adhering to its heritage of fine craftsmanship. Rock-Ola endured continuing to be a leading brand in the jukebox manufacturing industry despite shifts in the market and in the genres of music.

Rock-Ola has continued to honour its heritage in the twenty-first century by fusing cutting-edge technology with the allure of antique jukeboxes. Due to the brand's devotion to maintaining the charm of traditional jukebox design and handcrafted quality, music lovers and collectors all over the world have taken an interest in it. Rock-Ola is now recognised as a representation of ageless musical inventiveness and fine craftsmanship.

Rock-Ola Harley-Davidson Flames Jukebox Key Features

Key Features

  • 19" Touchscreen with SATA technology - exclusive to the Qsonix "drag & drop" system
  • New front lighting design highlights the exquisite cabinet and enhances the user screen
  • New Terabyte harddrive has incredible capacity for your music collection ~ can hold up to 13,000 full CDs!
  • New, "professional grade" Peavey 1600 Watt Amplifier powers up to two volume zones
  • State-of-the-Art Amplifiers on all Rock-Ola floor model jukeboxes produces almost no heat, eliminating the need for cabinet cooling fans
  • Full-size cabinet is merely 23" deep - 5" slimmer than the CD Nostalgic Jukebox
  • Made in California, USA
  • Compatible with iPod and iPhone
  • QSC 425 watt RMS amplifier
  • Can be linked to an Integrated Music System (e.g. Sonos)
  • 5-Speaker, Dual 3-Way System for “Live” Performance Reproduction
Rock-Ola Harley-Davidson Flames Jukebox Product Specs

Product Specs

Height152cm / 60“
Width85cm / 33.5”
Length58cm / 23“
Weight129kg / 284lbs
Warranty1 year against parts
FinishOfficial Harley-Davidson Theme
Electrical90-250 Volts [50/60 Hz]

Useful Information

Where are Rock-Ola jukeboxes made?

Rock-Ola jukeboxes are manufactured in the United States. The company's production facilities are located in California, where they painstakingly assemble these recognisable jukeboxes by hand, guaranteeing excellence and close attention to detail in every piece they make.

Are jukeboxes worth anything?

Particularly from the mid-20th century, vintage or antique jukeboxes can be highly valuable, particularly if they are in perfect operating order and still have their original components. A jukebox's worth can differ significantly depending on a number of criteria, including as its age, condition, model, rarity, and collector demand.

Limited edition, highly sought-after, or affiliated with prestigious companies such as Wurlitzer, Seeburg, or Rock-Ola models can fetch higher prices, especially if they are restored and well-maintained.

Why is it called a jukebox?

'Jukebox' is a term from late 19th-century African-American slang that comes from the word 'juke,' which is used in Gullah to refer to bad behaviour. "Juke joints" were vibrant places where people congregated to mingle, dance, and take in the music.