Pac-Man Arcade Machine

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With our Pac-Man Arcade Machine, you may enter the recognisable world of vintage gaming, where nostalgia and modern technology collide. Unleash the might of Pac-Man, the most famous arcade character in the world, and enjoy the excitement of being chased through an exciting labyrinth. The icing on the cake is that we guarantee the lowest UK price and give free delivery, a value of £150.

Play as Pac-Man and make your way through the maze, savouring Pac-Dots and avoiding the Ghosts. In order to gain the upper hand in this action-packed collecting game, turn the tables and catch the Ghosts for a short while by gathering fruits. With vibrant new visuals and noises, the Pac-Man Arcade Machine has been revitalised while maintaining that beloved, timeless retro aesthetic.

Golden Age of Gaming

Golden Age of Gaming

For the best possible gaming experience, use a 19" LCD screen or go all out with a 20" screen and replica cupboard. Experience the Golden Age of Gaming and use this classic arcade masterpiece to entice people to your man cave or business location.

Not only that, but our Pac-Man Arcade Machine is a blank canvas waiting to be customized—it's much more than simply a game system. Customise your computer to your desire by choosing different joystick and button kinds, visual packages, and robust security. Do you want to add a personal touch or look into unconventional possibilities? For more information and to discuss how to make your arcade experience genuinely unique, get in touch with us.

The Pac-Man Arcade Machine, a blend of vintage charm and contemporary flare, will bring back the fun and excitement of gaming. The pinnacle of gaming perfection, this arcade machine will bring back fond memories or introduce a new generation to the wonders of Pac-Man.

Pac-Man Arcade Machine Key Features

Key Features

  • Original licensed arcade PCB board installed
  • Choose between a 19" LCD Screen or 20" Screen & Replica Cabinet
  • Plug-in and play
  • Fully customisable coin mechanism/contactless payment
  • Ultra-reliable modern internal components
  • Classic full-size upright cabinet
  • High-quality arcade machine hand-built in the UK
  • Full tech support available
Pac-Man Arcade Machine Product Specs

Product Specs

Dimensions:19" Screen