Ms Pac-Man Arcade Machine

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With our Ms. Pac-Man Arcade Machine, the pinnacle of nostalgic vintage gaming delivered straight to your home in the UK, welcome to the ultimate man cave experience. Enter the world of the renowned Ms. Pac-Man, with the Lowest UK Price guarantee together with Free Delivery, saving you £150.

Enter the world of a vintage arcade game and help Ms. Pac-Man navigate the maze, consuming Pac-Dots and avoiding the Ghosts. In this intense collecting game, you may gain the upper hand by methodically gathering fruit to capture the annoying Ghosts and give yourself the advantage. The Ms. Pac-Man Arcade Machine promises to bring back the timeless appeal of the beloved classic retro period with its vibrant colours and noises.

Choose between American-Style Bat-Top joysticks for precision control and Japanese Sanwa Ball-Top joysticks for a genuine arcade experience to play games that suit your style. Choose from Standard Buttons, which include the classic concave black arcade buttons, or Illuminated Buttons, which enhance style and light up your way to the fire button when you need it most.

Experience even more immersion with Full Game Graphics that faithfully replicate the original Ms. Pac-Man arcade games. A genuine gaming experience is guaranteed by the Control Panel, which is available with or without the original visuals. Convenience choices that cater to your tastes include the Basic Double Coin Door, Extra-Durable Mechanical Double Coin Door, and Contactless Payment Terminal.

With heavy-duty reinforcement, our Ms. Pac-Man Arcade Machine is made to last a lifetime. This machine is made to last a lifetime. It has a metal kick plate, a Perspex control panel overlay, and a durable and safe Perspex screen.

The LED Illuminated Custom Marquee Top Graphic, supplemented with gorgeous LED backlights that provide a touch of visual splendour to your man cave, will illuminate your gaming area with style. The focal point that takes your man cave to a whole new level is our Ms. Pac-Man Arcade Machine, which is perfect for revisiting old favourites or exposing a younger generation to the delights of vintage arcade games. Get yours right away, then start playing the games!

Ms Pac-Man Arcade Machine Key Features

Key Features

  • Original licensed arcade PCB board installed
  • 20" LCD Screen & Replica Cabinet
  • Plug-in and play
  • Fully customisable coin mechanism/contactless payment
  • Ultra-reliable modern internal components
  • Classic full-size upright cabinet
  • High-quality arcade machine hand-built in the UK
  • Full tech support available
Ms Pac-Man Arcade Machine Product Specs

Product Specs

Dimensions:20" Screen