Iron Maiden Pro Pinball Machine: Legacy Of The Beast

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Step into the Iron Maiden universe with the latest Stern pinball series, which is a must-have for any serious fan! Apart from being incredibly affordable, the Pro model has excellent gameplay and an amazing Iron Maiden soundtrack that will instantly immerse you. Before the game even starts, fans can go on an Easter Egg hunt and find a treasure trove of pins in this series! Each include art and gaming features that showcase the band’s entire legacy.

This pinball machine is a vast, exciting canvas full of speed. Aim for a variety of targets to activate unique features like the LED-lit Pharaoh bullseye and the Newton Ball sarcophagus. To achieve those high scores, locate the Mystery Orb and spin those Eddie spinners. The two overlapping loop ramps on the playfield give the action an entirely new dimension. Additionally, be cautious of those cunning ball diverters that could ruin your strategy! Throughout your thrilling pinball adventure, you’ll be on your toes because of the metal ramps and wireforms that will whip your ball around the machine.

The Original Iron Maiden Pinball Machine

The Original Iron Maiden Pinball Machine

The Iron Maiden Pinball Machine is the latest creation from pinball design wizard Keith Elwin. This is the first product from the well-known player-turned-designer, Keith, who has won over forty tournaments and taken first place. This pro is no stranger to ruling the pinball world.

Get ready for jaw-dropping imagery courtesy of Zombie Yeti's artistic prowess. Renowned for creating vivid visual packages for popular films such as Ghostbusters and Aerosmith, Yeti infuses Iron Maiden with the same thrilling style. The best part is that this game uses a high-definition LCD screen instead of the standard dot-matrix display, which greatly improves the visual experience.

This pinball is crammed with Iron Maiden's biggest hits from throughout their career. These songs are triggered at certain points in the game, giving you plenty of scope for rocking out while you play. Full track listing including: Aces High, 2 Minutes To Midnight, The Trooper, Wasted Years, Can I Play With Madness, Number Of The Beast, Run To The Hills, Powerslave, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Flight Of Icarus, Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, Fear Of The Dark

Iron Maiden Pro Pinball Machine: Legacy Of The Beast Key Features

Key Features

  • Explosive Iron Maiden soundtrack from their discography.
  • Extensive mission-based gameplay inspired by comics and video games.
  • A unique pinball machine with an Iron Maiden theme, inspired by the legendary rock band.
  • Various special components, playfield gadgets, and features.
  • Exclusive artwork inspired by the albums.
  • Powerful audio system featuring a subwoofer.
  • Two intersecting wireforms made of metal.
  • Adjustable feet for simple levelling.
  • There are three models available: the Pro Pro and Premium variants.
Iron Maiden Pro Pinball Machine: Legacy Of The Beast Product Specs

Product Specs

Height75 1/2"

Useful Information

Why are pinball games so expensive?

Pinball games fetch high prices for numerous reasons. They are built with intricate designs, licensing fees, top-notch craftsmanship, rare parts, limited production, collector demand. Electronics, mechanics, and artwork add to costs - plus exclusive features hike prices for enthusiasts!

Are pinball machines a good investment?

Particularly rare or sought-after editions, pinball machines have the potential to retain or grow in value over time. A number of variables, like market demand, collector interest, theme popularity, and condition, could affect their value as an investment. Certain machines may increase in value over time, but before making an investment, it's important to do your homework and consider storage and maintenance costs.