Home Theatre Seating with Lighted Drink Holders


The Octane Seating Flex Home Theatre Seat takes your man cave game to the next level. It’s like a leather recliner for your theater seats, but with luxury perks just for you!

Of course, it has adjustable headrests that move up and down on each side so you can get comfortable in any position. These movie seats are perfect when the family gets too rowdy or when one of your buddies just needs a place to chill out. Or for somewhere to curl up for the morning after…

Another thing they’re excellent for is binge-watching seasons after seasons of TV shows; put simply, there’s not much you won’t want to do in these incredibly comfortable seats!

Home Theatre Seating with Lighted Drink Holders Key Features

Key Features

  • SUPER COMFORTABLE - Octane seating is designed for comfort. The seat cushion is made of high-resiliency foam, which provides excellent support and lasts longer than traditional foam.
  • INCLUDES DOCK ON EACH ARM - Each arm includes a dock that allows you to add accessories (sold separately) such as a wine glass holder, LED flex light, tablet holder, phone holder, etc.
  • DEEP STORAGE COMPARTMENT IN EACH ARM - You can store your power cords or other items in the storage compartment in each arm.
Home Theatre Seating with Lighted Drink Holders Product Specs

Product Specs

BrandOctane Seating
Dimensions243.75 x 95.25 x 110.5 cm
Weight‎156 kg