Blade Professional Home Beer Pump


Give your home bar the professional edge with this premium Blade draft beer machine. Each blade beer pump keg can be changed to your favourite beers – including Heineken, Tiger, Birra Moretti, Affligem, Edelweiss Hefetrüb & more.

Each blade beer keg can pour 14 ice cold pints of beer with an 8 litre capacity. So you can serve more than enough pub quality pints in your home bar as you like! The blade beer pumps are really easy to set up and change, which makes them one of the best home beer draft machines on the market right now!

Professional beer draught system

Professional beer draught system

Presenting Blade®, the revolutionary professional beer draught system that completely redefines quality and convenience. Blade makes it possible to dispense high-quality draught beer from any countertop with ease by doing away with the need for CO2 or other gases thanks to its innovative compression technology and compact design. With a glass temperature of 3°C, this innovative technology guarantees a crisp and pleasant pour by cooling beer to the ideal 2°C. Blade's dimensions are 590H x 290W x 471D mm, and its 8-liter keg capacity makes it an effective and adaptable complement to any area. Blade weighs 17.6 kg (26 kg with the keg included) and is delivered with a 2-meter power line, a drip tray, a tap handle, and an easy-to-read instruction booklet. With Blade®'s unparalleled precision and ease, enjoy beer to the fullest.

Blade Professional Home Beer Pump Key Features

Key Features

  • The perfect pint for your home bar with the latest draft technology
  • Stores 8L of pub quality beer (That's 14 fresh pints!)
  • Premium quality pints that taste as good as in the pub!
  • Advanced cooling technology chills at 2 dregrees for ice cold pints!
  • Changeable kegs including Heineken, Birra Moretti & more.
Blade Professional Home Beer Pump Product Specs

Product Specs

Dimensions590 x 471 x 290 mm
Capacity8 Litres
Weight17.6 Kg
Noise level70db
Model Number601542