Beer Tower Beer Dispenser with Ice Cooler

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This Beer Tower beer dispenser with an ice cooler is a great addition to any man cave, home bar or pub shed. It’s a hit for every party occasion.

The precision tap means that you will be pouring fresh pints all night long, it can hold up to 7 pints or 4 litres at a time and you can keep it topped up through the night. The cooling element in the beer tower can be filled with ice cubes to keep the beers chilled or you can remove it or fill it with more beer or drinks if you want.

Don’t worry about knocking over the beer tower, it has an extra heavy base to try and keep the beer tower stable when the party is getting started.If you want to turn the LED on you can by adding some D-batteries.

Beer Tower Beer Dispenser with Ice Cooler Key Features

Key Features

  • Maximum filling volume with 1350ml cooling element removed is 4 litres
  • The capacity is divided into approx. 2650 (beer tower with inserted cooling element) + 1400ml (removable cooling element)
  • Height approx. 52 cm; diameter 19 cm
  • Very easy to clean with removable cooling unit
  • Keep your drinks cold but not diluted by ice
  • LED light display (requires 4x D batteries)
  • No drips or spills from dispenser
  • The filling level is always visible
Beer Tower Beer Dispenser with Ice Cooler Product Specs

Product Specs

Package Dimensions‎56 x 23 x 22 cm
Product Weight1.9 Kilograms
Batteries requiredLED Light requires 4x D batteries (optional)

Useful Information

How many beers do you need for a beer tower?

This beer tower can hold up to 4 litres, which the equvalent to 7 pints of ice cold beer!

How many Litres is 1 tower of beer?

Each beer tower can vary in capacity. However this tower in particular can hold upto 4 litres of the good stuff at any one time! When you run out of beer... All you need to do is top it up and it will be ice cold in no time.