Man Cave Statistics 2024 – All The Data You Need

Man Cave Statistics 2024 – All The Data You Need

Here are the latest Man Cave Statistics in 2023

Every year we gather, analyse and publish a collection of statistics related to Man Caves and home decor. When we find new stats, we add them to this ever-growing guide.

Below we’ve outlined some of the most interesting statistics related to man caves, whether that’s budgeting, common items, thoughts on man caves and even what the future of the man cave phenomenon looks like.

If you’d like your data to be listed in our guide, please reach out to the team and we can look into getting your stats added as we go.¬†


Man Cave Location In The Home

What is the preferred location for a man cave to be in the home?

56% of men would prefer their man cave to be in the basement of the home


Man Cave Themes

What are the most popular man cave themes?


How much are people willing to spend on a man cave?

What's the standard amount that people are willing to spend on their man cave?


The Culture Trip

Man Cave Features

What are the most common features that people look for when building a man cave?


What do Boomers want in a Man Cave?

of baby boomers want a fully stocked bar



What does Gen Z want in a man cave?

of Gen Z want exercise equipment


What do millennials want in a man cave?

of millennials want a gaming system


What does Gen X want in a man cave?

of Gen X want multiple TV's


Man Cave Alternatives

It’s also interesting to note the rise of the ‘She Shed‘, a concept which we’ve seen gather steam over Covid as many couples were looking to renovate their gardens and homes. A survey by Joybird found that 59% of women stated that they had a ‘She Shed’ in their garden, closely rivalling the 65% of men who said they had a man cave.

All in all, it’s incredibly interesting and also positive to see an uptick in men and women looking to create renovation spaces in their home, whether that’s a shed, a cave, or a den!

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