Crafty lad turns cupboard under the stairs into gaming man cave

Crafty lad turns cupboard under the stairs into gaming man cave

Ever since the pandemic hit, there’s been an explosion of game rooms, man caves, and home bars popping up! But let’s face it… not everyone’s lucky enough to have a mansion-sized pad.

Looking for a way to make the most of the dead space under his stairs, Shaun Oxley, from Lincolnshire, decided it was the perfect spot for his gaming setup (…anyone getting Harry Potter vibes?).

Speaking to ManCaveGeek, Shaun said “I really wanted my own gaming room after seeing others making their own online, but my house is a three bed and I have two daughters, so didn’t have any spare rooms! Then I noticed that the cupboard was just being used to dump clothes and shoes in and thought a gaming man cave would be much better!”

“Another reason why I set up the room was because I wanted to stream on Twitch. I already have a horror gaming YouTube channel, and thought I’d expand to Twitch! By having the green screen hung up on the wall ready to go, I could just sit down and record. Before, I had to setup up a green screen stand and have my laptop on the desk. My setup is so much better now!”

You can join Shaun on Twitch for all of his horror game livestreams.

What’s inside?

Shaun has given us a breakdown of all the contents if you wanted to create your own mini gaming setup – he also said it didn’t cost much at all really!

  • The desk was £20 and is a smaller, fold away desk. –
  • I brought the wallpaper for less than £10. – B&M.
  • The black shelves were a set of 3 for £12.99. –
  • I got the Sega Mega Drive controller frame for £35. –
  • The Batman Lego was a birthday gift from a friend. –
  • The LEDs that I have were £19.99. –
  • I then got a wall stand for my Nintendo Switch dock, which cost £8.49. –
  • The fan was actually brought for my bedroom, but due to the winter, I stole it and kept it in the cupboard! By having that on and leaving the door open a bit, I don’t over heat! The fan was £79. –
  • I brought a cheap toilet roll holder as somewhere to store all my cables, because it went well with the shelves! –
  • I also have a wall mounted holder for my Quest two and also a green screen hung onto my wall. –

Inside view of Shaun's fantastic gaming setup under the stairs!

Does the wife approve?

Shaun added, “My wife was very supportive! I work away from home for a few days and she was happy for me try and find some space in the house. My wife mods for me on my Twitch, comes up with suggestions for decorating the room and uses it herself sometimes!”

We asked about privacy and Shaun said “I don’t have a lock on the door, only because my girls love the room, I think it’s because of the Funko pops and the LEDs! They like to look at them and change the lighting! They also like to play Roblox or Minecraft.”


We think Shaun has done a cracking job of utilising the space, with all the nifty shelving and storage ideas. Shaun concluded: “If anyone is struggling for space in their house, then I would definitely recommend doing this! The good thing is, because this cupboard is in my front room, I can just close the door when guests come over! Even though I do like to show it off when possible!” – Take a bow sir!

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