The 5 Best Football Tables For 2024

The 5 Best Football Tables For 2024

The best football tables for 2024 are:

  • Best football table overall – Garlando Master Pro – £599, Check it out here
  • Best football table for man caves – Total Foosball Olympico Folding Football Table – £159, Check it out here
  • Best value for money  – Garlando F-2 Indoor Football Table – £159, Check it out here 
  • Best football table design  – Total Foosball Le Classique Football Table – £529, Check it out here 
  • Best football table for serious players – Bonzini Domeau & Pérès White B90 Babyfoot Football Table – £6,295, Check it out here 


Wondering what the best football table is for your home? We’re here to help!

Whether you’re a football fan or not, it’s hard to deny just how fun a football table is. And, it’s not even like you actually need a man cave to have a football table at home (although it certainly can’t hurt to have a man cave too!).

In this guide we take a look at five of our firm favourites, focusing on what our Man Cave Geek team look for in the ‘perfect’ football table.

Aspects that we look into in this guide are ease of setup (or no setup at all), price, size, and ultimately how easy the tables actually are to use.

We say this because some tables can look great, but they can often be quite clunky to use properly. And, when the game is getting heated, the last thing you need is a player down (or, in this case, an overly-stiff telescopic rod that impairs both your defending and striking abilities mid-match).

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our top five football tables that you definitely need to check out.

Our Top Picks

1. Garlando Master Pro

Garlando Master Pro

Put simply, this football table is as sturdy and durable as it gets. It comes with free delivery, looks great and is really easy to get started with. Perfect.

  • Best for: Overall Price
  • Best for: Build Quality
  • Best for: Durability

One of the biggest issues both our team and our fellow man cave enthusiasts have is where to simply have the room for a football table year-round, as often there’s not really an option to fold or put away the table without having to completely dismantle it.

And, some tables just don’t have the durability that is required for constant games nights and furious foosball competitions. Well, lucky for you, the Garlando is both very well-built, and has foldable legs so that you can quickly store your table for when you don’t need it, or simply need the room for something else at the time.

A big thing for us as well is the quality of the rods on a table, and again it’s clearly something that Garlando have thought about here. Crafted from high-resistance steel, these rods are built to take whatever trickery and football tactics you want to throw at them. There’s no worry of your team ending up in a telescopic jam with this table!

You do also get a 3 year guarantee on all parts which is great to see, however looking at the build quality it’s hardly a worry…

Recommended retailer

Home Leisure Direct £599 Buy now

2. Total Foosball Olympico Folding Football Table

Total Foosball Olympico Folding Football Table

This is an incredibly versatile football table, ideal for anyone who is struggling from space in their room or man cave.

  • Best for: Sizing (with restricted room)
  • Best for: Portability
  • Best for: Space

What we absolutely love about this football table is that it’s built for people with restricted space in mind.

And, whether that’s in your room at home or even in your man cave, you can never be too careful about how you maximise the space you have at your disposal.

The Total Foosball Olympico Folding Football Table is also fairly priced considering that it’s sturdy, has folding legs and a properly nice finish.

The 4 foot table comes with a 12 month warranty and, again, we cannot stress how well-priced this is if you’re looking for a go-to table when putting together your man cave checklist.

Yes, you can splash-out on some of the other tables out there (and the rest in our guide!), but ultimately if space and price are key factors then you might want to give the Total Foosball Olympico Folding Table a closer inspection.

Recommended retailer

Home Leisure Direct £159 Buy now

3. Garlando F-2 Indoor Football Table

Garlando F-2 Indoor Football Table

£159, 2 year warranty on all parts, and an all-round beast of a football table.

  • Build Quality Based On Price
  • Ease of Setup
  • Warranty Based On Price

The eagle-eyed readers among you may have spotted that this table is the same price as our previous one, so what is the difference? Well, you get 2 years warranty on all parts for the same price as the previous, and from our testing it is slightly more durable as it’s not a folding table.

So, what it lacks in space-saving it certainly makes up for in durability, build quality and the guarantee that the Garlando F-2 Indoor Football Table comes with as standard.

That’s why, when it comes to value for money, we have to consider potential lifetime value to truly crown a table as a champion, and at such a high quality build with what really is a low price, we can’t really argue against any other table in this list.

The table is built to withstand high-stress environments, whether that’s stress via osmosis (from you the player!) or physical stress via years of games, it’s built to take it all. Make sure you don’t give this one a miss.

Recommended retailer

Home Leisure Direct £159 Buy now

4. Total Foosball Le Classique Football Table

Total Foosball Le Classique Football Table

Modern, stylish and robust with two main styling options.

  • Design
  • Style
  • Unique Look & Build

Okay, it’s hard to deny just how futuristic and cool this table looks. I mean, have you seen a design like it before?

If your man cave is all about style then it’s definitely worth splashing-out that little bit extra on this beauty from Total Foosball.

Named Le Classique Football Table, this is as modern and stylish as a football table gets. You can even choose from a timeless or black oak finish, so that you can really start to elevate your football and interior styling game in one go.

The table itself is a total 5ft, so it’s a little larger than some of the more traditional tables we see. Then again, looking at its unique shape, it’s hardly surprising.

With a 12-month warranty and free delivery, it’s hard to say no to what would ultimately be an eye-catching edition to any man cave, garage den or foosball room!

Recommended retailer

Home Leisure Direct £529 Buy now

5. Bonzini Domeau & Pérès White B90 Babyfoot Football Table

Bonzini Domeau & Pérès White B90 Babyfoot Football Table

A futuristic football table for players looking to make a serious investment in their foosball game

  • Serious Players
  • Those Looking To Invest In A Pro Table
  • Those Looking To Elevate Their Foosball Game

How serious are you about foosball? If the answer is ‘very’, and you plan on putting your skills truly to the test, then this may be the ideal table for you.

For serious foosball players and those looking to really put the hours in with an upfront investment to boot, we have the Bonzini Domeau & Pérès White B90 Babyfoot Football Table.

This is a solid beech cabinet table with an overall chrome finish to give that futuristic styling, and hidden fixings that really give the table that ‘not of this world’ appearance.

This is a heavy cabinet that is truly built to last, so if you’re looking for a premium option that’l mean you’re not having to replace your tables regularly with consistent play, then that’s what this foosball table is here for.

Level-up your foosball game with the Bonzini Domeau & Pérès White B90 Babyfoot Football Table, and step into the future of home accessories. This truly is a one-of-a-kind table, and we’re definitely here for it!

Recommended retailer

Home Leisure Direct £6295 Buy now

Questions to ask yourself when buying a home football table – What should you be thinking about?



Like most man cave items and home accessories, price is often the leading deciding factor in a purchase. However, think about how price reflects what you’re actually going to get in a football table. If you’re paying a lot of money anyway, then it might make more sense to spend that bit extra for a longer warranty or simply for piece of mind in the quality of the table itself.



How do you want the table to look? And, do you need the choice of styling options? Style is often something we don’t think about until post-purchase, so think about how the table will suit your space before you buy.



How much room do you need? Do you need a table that is collapsable? Weigh-up your requirements here, as you don’t want to be stuck with an overly-large football table that takes up way too much room.


Build Quality

Typically reflected in the price, build quality is something you shouldn’t skip. You want to ensure that you’re getting the most for your money, and this should be reflected in the quality of the build and the length of the default warranty on the football table you’re buying.



Those were our top 5 favourite football tables and some tips on what to look for when buying. Hopefully you become a foosball pro and find the ideal table for your man cave or games room!

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What's the average cost of a foosball table?

For a good table you can expect to pay between £150-£5,000. It all depends on what you want, how durable you need the table to be, the technology behind the table and its range of features. Typically you can expect to find a good all-rounder for between £150-£,1000.

How much space do I need for table football?

Just to be safe we'd recommend a 3 metre by 3 metre area, which gives enough room for people to get through as you're playing, and enough room for the players to actually use the table without being too squashed!

Is spinning allowed in foosball?

As a rule, spinning is an illegal move in foosball. It does take the competition of out the game somewhat when one team is spinning and the other isn't!

What Are the Best Foosball Tables?

The greatest foosball tables are made with high-quality craftsmanship, seamless gameplay, and longevity. The exceptional longevity, precise player control, and commercial-grade build quality of Tornado Tournament 3000 set it apart. The Garlando G-5000 dazzles with its robust design and customisable features. The Kick Legend is a more affordable choice that offers good durability and performance. For improved gaming, the Warrior Table Soccer Professional has a sturdy frame and guys who are counterbalanced. The best foosball table ultimately comes down to personal taste and financial constraints, but the Tornado Tournament 3000 is a well-liked option for dedicated players looking for tournament-caliber play.

How Much Does a Good Foosball Table Cost?

The average cost of a good foosball table is between £150 and £700, with more expensive ones going up to £1200. Professional-grade tables can cost more than £1600, while entry-level tables for about £75 may not be as sturdy or feature-rich. Build quality, materials, counterweighted players, and brand reputation are among of the factors that affect price. Affordable and high-quality alternatives are well-suited for intermediate and casual players. To ensure a fun and long-lasting investment, it's important to take your skill level, intended use, and money into account when selecting a foosball table.

Is there a Difference Between Table Soccer, Baby Foot, and Foosball?

The terms "table football," "baby foot," and "foosball" all relate to the same game, which is a small form of football played on a tabletop that is controlled by players using rods. Whereas "foosball" is more frequent in English-speaking nations, "baby foot" is more common in French-speaking ones. Language differences notwithstanding, the fundamentals of the game are always the same: two teams compete to score goals with their small players. The names vary slightly, mostly due to language and cultural influences, but the basic goals and mechanics of the game remain the same.

What Are the Types of Foosball Tables?

To accommodate a range of tastes and playing styles, foosball tables are available in multiple varieties. The most popular type of tables are standard ones, which have a level playing area with competing teams of little players. Tabletop or compact versions are more space-efficient because they are smaller. Coin-operated tables, which demand payment to play, are frequently seen in commercial settings. Play can take place outside thanks to the weather-resistant design of outdoor foosball tables. Professional or tournament-grade tables also follow strict guidelines, providing better accuracy and longevity for dedicated players. Each kind meets specific requirements and offers a variety of choices for fans of foosball.

What is the Difference Between European and American Foosball?

The rules, gameplay, and table design of European and American foosball are different. European tables prioritise ball control, strategy, and accuracy and have a single goalie. The slower tempo of the game encourages excellent play. American foosball tables, on the other hand, emphasise power and speed and include three goalies. The emphasis in the faster-paced action is on forceful shots and speedy passes. Furthermore, American foosball regulations permit spinning, which is the practice of players quickly rotating the rods, whereas European regulations forbid this move. These differences contribute to diverse playing styles: American foosball is defined by fast-paced, dynamic action, whereas European foosball is more strategic and analytical.

What is the difference between French and Italian foosball tables?

The gameplay and design of French and Italian foosball tables are different. Telescopic rods, which prevent the player rods from protruding on the opposite side and increase safety, are commonly found in French tables. Furthermore, a single goaltender arrangement is common on French tables, which encourages a more defensive and strategic style of play. However, Italian tables typically have three goalies and outward-extending rods, which facilitates a faster-paced and more aggressive style of play. Additionally, the playing surface of Italian tables is typically smoother. French foosball places more emphasis on control and precision, whilst Italian foosball emphasises speed and agility. These differences make for interesting gameplay experiences.

How Does a Foosball Table Work?

A rectangular surface with several little football players positioned on revolving rods makes up a foosball table. By controlling the rods, two players or teams can move the players to kick a little ball into the goal of their opponent. Players use handles to spin, pass, and shoot the ball in this soccer-like game. Goalie boxes, scoring systems, and ball return devices are all included in the design of the table. To outscore the opposition by putting the ball in their goal is the aim. This exciting tabletop game offers a sociable and competitive gaming experience, where accuracy, strategy, and rapid reflexes are essential.

How Do You Level a Foosball Table?

Here's how to level a foosball table. To begin, level the playing surface with a level and adjust the table's legs until they are exactly level in every direction. To make sure it doesn't veer to one side, slide a foosball to check the levelness. If the leg levellers on the table are adjustable, adjust each leg with a wrench. Verify the level once more and make any required modifications. Continue until every surface on the table is level. Fair and enjoyable gameplay is guaranteed by routine maintenance.

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